The install was an absolute breeze...

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About a month ago I e-mailed you in regards to proper setup of the “Widgit” on my MTB. I had concerns of the install, because I was planning on using that setup for a 24 hr Mountain bike race that I was competing in, In Texas.

Well I am happy to say, the install was an absolute breeze as you had said, I had maybe 30kms total on this setup before I started the race. I am happy to say that this system was absolutely flawless, I was the only rider with this system , and I believe it gave me an edge due to the weight savings, no mechanical failures from having a front derailleur, the strain of always moving the front ring to find the right gear. The chain never jumped a gear, I only had to oil my chain twice in this race. That was not because of poor shifting but due to the dust build up on the chain, it was incredible.

My results were - 2nd place overall - 21 laps completed on the course equaling ,320kms in the driest dustiest conditions I have ever competed in. 95+F degrees of heat. I rode the course only once prior to racing on it.

I am competing in the 24hrs of Adrenalin as a soloist in 2012 ( Canmore, Alberta Canada)

I am also pre-qualified to race the World solo championships in 2012 as well and am also racing that event. I will plan on purchasing several “widgit” rings in the spring so I can dial in my setup closer to the race date, The conditions are too cold to do this now, as we are expecting snow any day there.

Sincerely Dave Franks (October 2011)

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