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Problem solved!! I've been trying to build up my 2011 race bike and had it all dialed in minus the front chainring and chain guide. I wanted a light, carbon 29er racer built up 1x9, so I decided on the niner carbon Air 9. I soon learned that matching a front chain guide with the BB30 and flared seat tube was going to be a problem. I tried the MRP, which worked well on my previous GXP styled BB, but wouldn't work with the new BB30. Everything else just wasn't matching up, so I looked to the internet. Someone tipped me off to your website and the Widget. Ordering from was awesome. Within 2 days I had my final piece to complete my bike. I am now approximately 100 miles and several incredible rides into using the widget without one complaint or dropped chain. I can't wait to race with the widget 1x9 set up this year. Thanks!

Regards, Zach Terry - Salt Lake City, Utah. USA (January 2011)

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