Widgit simplifies things perfectly

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It has been about 3 or 4 months now since I converted over to the Widget single front chain ring and it has been the best thing I could have ever done. It isn't about saving precious kilos for me because I ride a Reynolds Steel frame hardtail anyway, so it already weighs more than most current dual suspension bikes. For me its about performance out on that tight single track, when you come around a tight bend and look up and there's a set of triple logs screaming out "go on have a go your not set up for it are ya", well now with the widget single ring all that go's away because before you even get around the corner you know your set up the take on anything. Due to being set up with only a 9 speed to think about you can focus on all your surroundings, which means for me looking further through the trail so you can see what’s coming up well before you hit the hard stuff. When you running a 9 speed you only have 1 shifter and 9 gears on the back end, so that simplifies things for me perfectly. It has completely changed the whole concept of the way I’m now riding and flowing through those tight sections a lot faster. As for the hilly section its a matter of the size chain ring your after for where your riding most of the time. My local stomping grounds are, Daisy, the Gap, and Castle Hill/Ippy, I found the 32 tooth for me just eats those trails up and spits them out. To some it up, AWESOME. Good boys, great Aussie product that’s practical and looks the part, 

Cheers. Lenny MORONEY (October 2010)

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