The 32 tooth Widgit performed flawlessly

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Hi Paul, I ran the widgit at the 3 hour 3 + 3 race on Saturday night at OHV. The track was a little different from the enduro and had a lot of rocks etc and a couple of down hill jumps/rock shoots that were quite hard core. I was a real MTB track and they had built a couple of fantastic high speed berms towards the end of the course. The 32 tooth Widgit performed flawlessly. I didn’t notice any rubbing in the top or bottom gears. I didn’t miss the small or big ring on the front, just glad they are gone now and a little extra weight has been saved. I think the best thing I could say about the Widgit was that I didn’t even think about it, or notice it. It just went about doing its job & left me to pedal my heart out.

Greg Morgan (June 2010) 

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