Want a lightweight mountain bike?

Get a Widgit. It's the ultimate single chain ring device for Mountain Bike use. A Widgit is a bike chainring that can be fitted to any mountain bike crankset. How does it work? Read on...


You think you’ve got 27 or 30 gears, but in reality only 9 are regularly used. The rest are duplicated within your front derailleur system or hardly ever used. The WIDGIT is a revolutionary design that picks the most useful ratios from all 3 front chain rings, combining them into a single ring, eliminating the front derailleur completely allowing you to concentrate on riding rather than unnecessary gear changes. That’s less work, less cost and more fun.

• No front derailleur = Less maintenance, Less gear changes, Less chain derailments
• Reduction in weight up to 450g*
• Increases ground clearance by 40mm
• Integrated chain guide protects legs, chain and sprocket
• Longer chain and sprocket life
• Easy to fit - No modifications and fully reversible
• Choice of tooth options 28T - 30T - 32T - 34T
• Available to suit double and triple chainring applications

All Widgits come completely assembled with any spacers or bolts if required (see fitting instructions). Designed and manufactured in Australia.

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Widgit Setup

Hi Paul

fitted in 2.5 seconds

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